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Zero7Flashback is a Las Vegas based Rock and Pop band. built from veterans from various parts of the Sin City Music landscape.  Founded by Bobby Lykins (Percussion) and Steve Meyer (Bass), the two recruited Drummer Chad Sylva into the fold.   The group then secured shows before even completing its lineup!  Steve called guitarist Rich Taylor and he was in.  Along with a local keyboardist and vocalist to round out the band, which made the 2 shows a success with little rehearsal time!


The band then went on hiatus when the Covid Pandemic hit (like everyone else had to).  When the restrictions lifted, the band had to search for a new vocalist and keyboardist (Due to other projects they had).  Chad made a call to singer Kara Ackley (whom had worked together previously) and she tried out and was the perfect fit!  Keyboard auditions yielded David “DJ” James into the group and the Zero7Flashback was back in business!


With fresh new members and an updated song list, Zero7Flashback is ready to take the entertainment world by storm!  Whether playing performance venues, Private or Corporate events, the choice of material that spans decades of music has something for everyone!  We can create a show for specific era of music if needed, or touch on them all with a fully comprehensive performance.  This is what sets Zero7Flashback apart from other bands…




Phone:  702-376-7530 or 702-351-8092

   Rich Taylor              Chad Sylva            Bobby Lykins            Kara Ackley       David "DJ" James       Steve Meyer
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