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 Main Drumkit:  Gretsch Renown R1 Maple (4,5 or 6 piece configuration) - Various Soultone cymbals and snares depending on the show...also uses Roland SPD-SX for samples and Audix/Sennheiser mics

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.16.51
Kick:  22'x18" (with Kickport and Audix D6 Mic)
10"x7" Rack Tom 
12"x8" Rack Tom
14"x5.5 Custom Maple 10 ply
Snare with Wooden Hoops

16"x14" Floor Tom or with

additional 14"x14" Floor Tom


Jazz/Acoustic Drumkit:  SLP Birch kit - Various Soultone Cymbals...


HiHats:       14" Vintage, 

                   14" Gospel (with 2 holes underneath),

                   10" Prototype (Latin)

Rides:         22" Vintage, 20" Custom Brilliant

Crashes:     17" Explosion, 18" Explosion, 

Splashes:    8" Custom Brilliant,

                   10" Latin Prototype

Exotics:       20" Vintage China,  

                    17" Explosion FXO 6

Soultone Rock Cyms.jpg

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