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C h a d   S y l v a




D r u m m e r / P e r c u s s i o n i s t


Chad Sylva received his first drum kit at age 4, and the beat has not stopped...


Native of San Jose, California (b. 1974), Chad has been influenced by wide cross section of artists that ranges from pop acts such as The Police, Seal, Peter Gabriel and Level 42 to the progressive styling of Rush, Porcupine Tree, Yes and Frank Zappa.   Other noteworthy artists such as Jeff Buckley, Lorenna McKennit, John Coltrane and Stravinsky have heavily influenced his approach to drumming.  He is also inspired by many individual drummers, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Neil Peart, Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie and Gavin Harrison.  He is currently based in Las Vegas...


While drum set is his primary voice, he also studied classical tympani in school.  He also plays various percussion instruments including Congas, Doumbek, Timbales, Djembe and Cajon. He has also been a set player, percussionist, and has done work in the pits of orchestras/ theaters.  Chad has also used hybrid kits of percussion and drums for acoustic settings to create contextual soundscapes in music.  Chad also is no stranger to electronics in drums or percussion. Loops, triggers, click tracks and samples are mainstays in his arsenal...


He has played many styles including primarily rock, pop, county  and progressive, and also acoustic, jazz and funk.  He has toured countries such as Australia, India and China, and played across the US in various regional tours. Not only has music taken him to other countries, but music has also allowed him to live in various musical cities such as Nashville, San Francisco and currently Las Vegas... 

Whether on stage or in the studio, Chad has developed keen "Ears" for every situation. This makes his first time playing with a group sound like they have been together for years.  "Look, Listen and Dynamics" are paramount to his drumming philosophy. He doesn’t just worry about his contribution to the tune, but bolsters the rest of the group.  He might even hold back a bit to let the vocalists or soloists shine for the song.  He applies this philosophy whether playing with a singer-songwriter, a 3-piece, or even as support to a full orchestra and choir.  His playing is described as a bit of a chameleon, but with a distinctive philosophy, touch and style uniquely his own.







“Chad Sylva is a monster drummer and musician! I hired him to play on an album I was producing called Talk Like Lions and he came into the studio and pulled off 10 songs in 1 day like it was nothing!"

                                                     ~Douglas A. Ott  - Founding member and guitarist for Enchant


"When Chad was based in Nashville, he and I collaborated on many projects. I was always

impressed by his groove, musical knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to bring something to the table, regardless of what the project entailed."

                                                     ~Lee Francis – Bassist for Jon Pardy and the All-Nighters

“Chad has been a pleasure to play with. He is one of the most solid drummers I have a had the privilege to work with, not to mention a top notch percussionist. Along with Chads high level musicianship his commitment, and loyalty to a band, or artist is as solid as his playing." 

                                                      ~Jon von Boehm - Bass player, Artist, Composer. Also with                                                                              The Dann Glenn Trio, The 3AM and Denny Jiosa.







Talk Like Lions - Could Be For You
My Body - Hit Squad
Rolling in the Black - Hit Squad
Ziva - Can't Do Pretend
Just Another Night - Ziva
Ivory Towers - Kathy Reese
Zero to Sixty - Sam Riddle and the River
Jasmine Sagginario - Ain't no Other Guy
6 Lori Lane - Bubble Bath Ballad

Gear... Drums, Cymbals and stuff...

I am a proud sponsor of Soultone Cymbals,

Cooper Acoutin Snares and Drumlite.

I also use the following gear...

As well as Worldmax Snares, Gibraltar Racks, Tama Pedals, Roc-N-Soc Thrones, LP Percussion,  PureSound Snares,  Audix and Sennheiser Mics.


Chad Sylva


phone: 702-701-2293





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