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Sin City Drum Studio

 Custom Drumtrack Recording Studio and Lessons

Sin City Drum Studios provides high quality drum tracks for Songs , Jingles or whatever other drumming needs for your project.  All drum tracks are recorded by live drummer and made specifically for your song, no sample libraries or stock loops here!  This  is simply the best way to get great sounding drums for your needs, without breaking the budget!   This is great for international  musicians to get their needs without booking local studio time or finding local drummers to play! 

How it works...

Contact us via email and send an MP3 of the song you wish to have drums added onto and we will evaluate the song for its drumming needs and can start the process of getting you great sounding drums! If you have the song with drums on it (programmed or live) to use as an example of playing style or direction you want the song to go...great!  Never too much information!  To guarantee a smooth process, please have stem tracks available if possible (these are individual tracks of guitar, vocals or other instruments...can be mp3 quallity as long as they are in time).  Also, click tracks are great if you have them  as an audio file that can be imported to ensure uniform performance.   We then  track the drums and send you a stern mix to make sure the parts and sounds work for your project (the first revision is free, others will be $20.00 per revision depending on scope of work...)   Individual drum tracks will be uploaded to Dropbox account after payment is received...its just that easy!

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