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Gear and drums

Sin City Drum Studios uses the latest in technology to capture great drum tones for your recording needs.  Everything is recorded to disc via Focusrite Scarlet Preamps (18/20 and Octopre Models) and converters (sample rates can vary) onto MacBook Pro and Logic Pro X.  Files have little processing (some EQ is applied, but that is about it...unless other processing like compression is requested...) to ensure easy mixing.  The drum tones are checked using Yamaha HS8 Reference Speakers and Sony  MDR 7506 Headphones to maintain  good captured drum sounds...


Kick:                 Audix D6 (inside) and  Custom 6.5"                            SubKick (Outside)

Snare:              Shure SM57 (Top) and Small                                       Condenser or 57 (Bottom)

HiHats:             MXL 606 Small Condenser

Toms:               Sennheiser E-604 Dynamic - X3

Overheads:       MXL V69 Mogami Edition  Tube                                    Condenser (w/ upgraded tubes) - X2

Plus any other pics needed...



Gretsch Renown Maple: (as needed)

22x18 Kick

10x8 Rack Tom

12x9 Rack Tom

14x14 Floor Tom

16x16 Floor Tom


Soultone Cymbals (Various models)


Snare du Joir...    


14x4 - 8 Ply Maple Custom Piccolo

14x5.5 - 10 Ply Maple Custom with Wood Hoops

14x6.5 - Black Hawg Black Brass  

14x7 - 10 Ply Maple Custom  


Aquarian Drum Heads and CooperGrooves drumsticks...

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