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Kick:  22'x18" (with Kickport and Audix D6 Mic)
10"x7" Rack Tom 
14"x14" Floor Tom

12"x8" Rack Tom

16"x14" Floor Tom
14"x5.5" Cooper Acoutin Stainless Steel Snare

 Drumkit:  Gretsch Renown R1 Maple - Various Soultone cymbals and snares depending on session

14"x6.5" Worldmax Black Hawg Brass Snare w/ Die Cast Hoops
14"x5.5 Custom Maple 10 ply Snare with Wooden Hoops
14x4 Precision Drum Company 8 ply Maple Piccolo Snare
14x7.5 Custom Maple 10 Ply
Snare in Black

Soultone Cymbals:


HiHats:       14" Vintage, 

                   14" Gospel (with 2 holes underneath),

                   10" Prototype (Latin)

Rides:         22" Vintage, 20" Custom Brilliant

Crashes:     18" Vintage, 18" Extreme, 19" Vintage

Splashes:    8" Custom Brilliant,

                   10" Custom

Exotics:       20" Vintage China,  

                    17" Explosion FXO 6

 I also use Kickport Intl., Worldmax Snares, Gibraltar Racks, Tama Pedals, Roland Electronics, Roc-N-Soc Thrones, LP Percussion, PureSound Snares,  Audix, MXL, Shure and Sennheiser Mics.

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